Number Nine - pho!

Retro Row is a great place to do a little vintage shopping in Long Beach and I took my friend, Nancy, there during her visit. For lunch, we decided to stop into Number Nine for some noodles. I didn’t realize it was a Vietnamese restaurant until I smelled the wonderful aroma of pho.

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Hide Sushi, Raw, Fresh and Yummy

HIDE SUSHI @ west la

I was first introduced to Hide Sushi by my current boss and it is one of the best sushi places in the west side. It’s a more traditional sushi place and the menu is very simple. You won’t find your usual American sushi rolls or fried sushi rolls here. It is mostly sushi, sashimi and raw.

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My New Camera, the Sony Alpha NEX-5R

I am completely showing up my new camera and a part of me feels slightly guilty about exposing the kind of things I can buy if I wanted to — but gosh darnit, I deserve it. I work hard! Ha. As I said before, photography is one of my hobbies and I was completely enamored with the Sony Alpha NEX-5R ever since I saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s video for HitRecord. Are you judging me for making decisions based on my love for JGL? I am not ashamed!

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